How to start a REVO:

Can anyone start a REVO?
Yes, indeed! We want everyone and anyone to have the opportunity to make an impact. Itís been amazing to see kids as young as 11 want to change the world. We believe in the up and coming generation and the hope they are bringing. We want people to take the creative initiative and come up with new ways to start a REVO.

What are some of the REVOs that have started?
REVO has taken place in the form of fashion and art shows, walkathons, proms, concerts, volunteer groups, garage sales, and auctions. We hope that this only the beginning.

What are the organizations REVO supports?
So far, REVO has raised funds and awareness for Grace of God Orphanage, Blood Water Mission, Invisible Children, Not For Sale Campaign, Mocha Club and Stop the Traffik.
Who should I contact to start a REVO?
We would love to talk to you about starting a REVO! Email us. Send us your ideas about what type of event you would like to host, what organization you would like to support and how and why you think you should do it.

How do I volunteer?
We're always looking for willing workers to help us keep REVO running. If you are interested in donating your time and talents shoot us an email to